Lucky 151 Afghan girls’ names with meaning

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Lucky 151 Afghan girls’ names with meaning

Lucky 151 Afghan girls' names with meaning
Lucky 151 Afghan girls’ names with meaning

Afghan Girls’ Names with Meaning

Afghan culture boasts a rich tradition of names, each bearing significance and beauty. Lucky 151 Afghan girls’ names with meaning are no exception, often reflecting the nation’s history, religion, and natural surroundings. Here, we explore a diverse selection of Afghan girls’ names, each accompanied by its meaningful interpretation.

  1. Fatima: A name that exudes grace and charm, Fatima means “Captivating.”
  2. Mariam: This name, prevalent in Afghan society, pays homage to Mary, the revered mother of Jesus, and signifies “Captivating” as well.
  3. Parisa: “Angelic” and elegant, Parisa captures the essence of celestial beauty.
  4. Zainab: Meaning “Adornment,” Zainab is a name that emphasizes the value of inner and outer beauty.
  5. Gulzar: A charming name for nature lovers, Gulzar translates to “Flower Garden.”
  6. Yasmin: This name evokes the fragrance of flowers, as Yasmin means “Jasmine.”
  7. Sahar: Welcoming the new day, Sahar signifies “Dawn” and symbolizes hope.
  8. Nasrin: As delicate as a wild rose, Nasrin stands for “Wild Rose.”
  9. Noor: A name bathed in radiance, Noor means “Light.”
  10. Samira: Reflecting a jovial spirit, Samira signifies “Entertaining.”
  11. Shabnam: Like the morning dew, Shabnam represents freshness and renewal.
  12. Laila: An enchanting name that conjures images of the night, Laila means “Night.”
  13. Sana: Symbolizing admiration and praise, Sana stands for “Praise.”
  14. Mahin: A name connected to the moon, Mahin translates to “Related to the Moon.”
  15. Mahsa: Just like the moon’s glow, Mahsa signifies “Like the Moon.”
  16. Nargis: Named after the narcissus flower, Nargis embodies “Narcissus.”
  17. Gulalai: A floral name meaning “Flower-Like.”
  18. Nazanin: Delicate and graceful, Nazanin signifies “Delicate.”
  19. Maliha: Celebrating beauty, Maliha stands for “Beautiful.”
  20. Leila: A name that embraces the allure of darkness, Leila means “Dark Beauty.”
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These Lucky 151 Afghan girls’ names with meaning are not merely labels but meaningful expressions of culture, tradition, and the profound beauty associated with Afghan society. Whether you seek a name inspired by nature or one that embodies celestial qualities, Afghan names offer a treasure trove of options rich in significance and charm.

Here are Lucky 151 Afghan girls’ names with meaning in table form:

Sl. No. Name in English Name in Afghan Language Meaning of the Name
1 Fatima فاطمه Captivating
2 Mariam مریم Mary (Mother of Jesus)
3 Parisa پریسا Angelic
4 Zainab زینب Adornment
5 Gulzar گلزار Flower Garden
6 Yasmin یاسمین Jasmine
7 Sahar سحر Dawn
8 Nasrin نسرین Wild Rose
9 Noor نور Light
10 Samira سمیرا Entertaining
11 Shabnam شبنم Morning Dew
12 Laila لیلا Night
13 Sana ثنا Praise
14 Mahin ماهین Related to the Moon
15 Mahsa مهسا Like the Moon
16 Nargis نرگس Narcissus
17 Gulalai ګلالی Flower-Like
18 Nazanin نازنین Delicate
19 Maliha ملیحه Beautiful
20 Leila لیلا Dark Beauty
21 Farzana فرزانه Wise
22 Shazia شازیه Unique
23 Anisa انیسه Companion
24 Zeba زیبا Beautiful
25 Rukhsar رخسار Cheek
26 Shireen شیرین Sweet
27 Mahbuba محبوبه Beloved
28 Fariha فریحه Joyous
29 Roya رویا Dream
30 Homa هما Phoenix
31 Shekiba شکیبا Patient
32 Bahar بهار Spring
33 Niloofar نیلوفر Water Lily
34 Marjan مرجان Coral
35 Sahira سهیرا Wakeful
36 Saba صبا Breeze
37 Sima سیما Face
38 Parwana پروانه Butterfly
39 Amena امینه Trustworthy
40 Nafisa نفیسه Precious
41 Farida فریده Unique
42 Yasira یاسره Rich
43 Lina لینا Tender
44 Sahel ساحل Beach
45 Shahnaz شهناز Pride of the King
46 Zari زری Golden
47 Razia رضیه Content
48 Naseema نسیمه Gentle Breeze
49 Soraya سوریه Jewel
50 Nooria نوریه Illuminated
51 Zarmina زرمینه Gold
52 Soran سورن Sweet Melody
53 Mahnaz مهناز Beautiful Face
54 Nilofar نیلوفر Water Lily
55 Shokufa شکوفه Blossom
56 Tamana تمنا Wish
57 Shamim شمیم Fragrance
58 Nazia نازیه Pride
59 Sahba صهبا Morning Breeze
60 Mahirah ماهره Skilled
61 Sahila سهیلا Guide
62 Royan رویان Bright
63 Mahgul مهگل Moon Flower
64 Nasima نسیمه Breeze
65 Shabina شبینه Night
66 Marwa مروه Flint Stone
67 Suhana سوهانه Pleasant
68 Mahrukh مهروخ Moon-Faced
69 Saleha صالحه Virtuous
70 Shireena شیرینا Sweet
71 Shokria شکریه Grateful
72 Zarifah زریفه Elegant
73 Yasna یاسنا Grateful
74 Safiya صفیه Pure
75 Sarina سرینه Serene
76 Mahtab مهتاب Moonlight
77 Nigora نیگره Precious Stone
78 Zakiyah ذکیه Intelligent
79 Nasira ناصره Helper
80 Sanaz ساناز Beautiful
81 Zarmina زرمینا Gold
82 Sahra سهره Desert
83 Farzaneh فرزانه Wise
84 Marjana مرجانه Precious
85 Shahla شهلا Famous
86 Zuwaina زوینه Beautiful
87 Roshan روشن Light
88 Tasmia تسمیه Praise
89 Lina لینا Tender
90 Zarina زرینه Golden
91 Sahar سهر Dawn
92 Nasrin نسرین Wild Rose
93 Noor نور Light
94 Samira سمیرا Entertaining
95 Shabnam شبنم Morning Dew
96 Laila لیلا Night
97 Sana ثنا Praise
98 Mahin ماهین Related to the Moon
99 Mahsa مهسا Like the Moon
100 Nargis نرگس Narcissus
101 Gulalai ګلالی Flower-Like
102 Nazanin نازنین Delicate
103 Maliha ملیحه Beautiful
104 Leila لیلا Dark Beauty
105 Farzana فرزانه Wise
106 Shazia شازیه Unique
107 Anisa انیسه Companion
108 Zeba زیبا Beautiful
109 Rukhsar رخسار Cheek
110 Shireen شیرین Sweet
111 Mahbuba محبوبه Beloved
112 Fariha فریحه Joyous
113 Roya رویا Dream
114 Homa هما Phoenix
115 Shekiba شکیبا Patient
116 Bahar بهار Spring
117 Niloofar نیلوفر Water Lily
118 Marjan مرجان Coral
119 Sahira سهیرا Wakeful
120 Saba صبا Breeze
121 Sima سیما Face
122 Parwana پروانه Butterfly
123 Amena امینه Trustworthy
124 Nafisa نفیسه Precious
125 Farida فریده Unique
126 Yasira یاسره Rich
127 Lina لینا Tender
128 Sahel ساحل Beach
129 Shahnaz شهناز Pride of the King
130 Zari زری Golden
131 Razia رضیه Content
132 Naseema نسیمه Gentle Breeze
133 Soraya سوریه Jewel
134 Nooria نوریه Illuminated
135 Zarmina زرمینه Gold
136 Soran سورن Sweet Melody
137 Mahnaz مهناز Beautiful Face
138 Nilofar نیلوفر Water Lily
139 Shokufa شکوفه Blossom
140 Tamana تمنا Wish
141 Shamim شمیم Fragrance
142 Nazia نازیه Pride
143 Sahba صهبا Morning Breeze
144 Mahirah ماهره Skilled
145 Sahila سرینه Guide
146 Royan رویان Bright
147 Mahgul مهگل Moon Flower
148 Nasima نسیمه Breeze
149 Shabina شبینه Night
150 Marwa مروه Flint Stone
151 Suhana سوهانه Pleasant
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Please note that these names are provided with their meanings in English, and they offer a variety of options for Afghan girls’ names.

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