Lucky 151 Afghan boys’ names with meanings

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Lucky 151 Afghan boys’ names with meanings

Lucky 151 Afghan boys' names with meanings
Lucky 151 Afghan boys’ names with meanings

Afghan Boys’ Names with Meanings: A Journey Through Culture and Tradition

Choosing Lucky 151 Afghan boys’ names with meanings for children is a significant and cherished tradition in Afghan culture. Names frequently convey profound implications and are painstakingly chosen to mirror the guardians’ expectations, values, and social legacy.

In Afghanistan, names are not only marks; they are a wellspring of character, pride, and association with the rich embroidery of Afghan history. In this investigation of Afghan young men’s names, we’ll dig into a few special and significant choices that resound with the country’s different social and etymological scene.

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  1. Zubair: This name, famous in Afghanistan, signifies “solid” or “valiant.” It represents the fortitude and strength that have portrayed the Afghan nation over their time.
  2. Jamshed: With its roots in Persian and Pashto, Jamshed signifies “eternal happiness” or “bringer of light.” It’s a name that reflects optimism and positivity.
  3. Fahim: Meaning “intelligent” or “wise,” Fahim is a name that emphasizes the value of knowledge and wisdom in Afghan society.
  4. Soraya: This name, often given to boys, means “star” or “the Pleiades.” It embodies the idea that each child is a unique and shining presence in their family and community.
  5. Parwiz: A name that connotes “successful” or “victorious,” Parwiz mirrors the Afghan soul of steadiness notwithstanding misfortune.
  6. Ehsan: Signifying “consideration” or “kindness,” Ehsan is a name that highlights the significance of sympathy and compassion in Afghan culture.
  7. Jawad: With its roots in Arabic, Jawad translates to “generous” or “liberal.” It highlights the virtue of generosity, which is highly regarded in Afghan society.
  8. Farid: This name, which means “unique” or “one of a kind,” celebrates the individuality and distinctiveness of each child.
  9. Rahman: A name of Arabic origin, Rahman signifies “merciful” or “compassionate.” It reflects the importance of kindness and forgiveness in Afghan values.
  10. Zmaray: This unique name means “lion” and conveys strength and bravery, qualities that have historical significance in Afghan culture.
  11. Nawid: Signifying “new” or “modern,” Nawid reflects the changing times and the hope for a brighter future in Afghanistan.
  12. Qudratullah: This powerful name means “gift of God.” It underscores the spiritual significance of life and the belief that every child is a divine blessing.
  13. Aminullah: With its roots in Arabic, Aminullah translates to “trustworthy of God.” It embodies the idea of faith and trust in a higher power.
  14. Irfan: Meaning “knowledge” or “awareness,” Irfan is a name that emphasizes the value of education and enlightenment.
  15. Shirzad: This name, which means “lion heart,” symbolizes bravery and courage, qualities that are admired in Afghan society.
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Afghan boys’ names are more than just words; they are a reflection of the rich cultural tapestry of Afghanistan. They carry the hopes, values, and aspirations of parents who wish to bestow a meaningful and significant identity upon their children. Each name tells a story, evoking the enduring spirit of a nation that has faced challenges throughout its history with resilience and strength. These names are a testament to the enduring traditions and the enduring hope for a brighter future in Afghanistan.

Here are Lucky 151 Afghan boys’ names with meanings:


Sl. No. Name in English Name in Afghan Language Meaning of the Name
1 Ahmad احمد Praiseworthy
2 Mohammad محمد The Praised One
3 Abdul عبدال Servant of
4 Jawad جواد Generous
5 Karim کریم Generous
6 Nasir ناصر Helper
7 Sami سامی Elevated
8 Farid فرید Unique
9 Amir امیر Prince
10 Habib حبیب Beloved
11 Hamid حمید Praiseworthy
12 Shafiq شفیق Compassionate
13 Wahid واحد Unique
14 Kareem کریم Generous
15 Ramin رامین Enthusiastic
16 Rashid راشد Righteous
17 Sardar سردار Leader
18 Rafiq رفیق Friend
19 Zahir ظاهر Evident
20 Jalal جلال Glory
21 Faisal فيصل Decisive
22 Dawood داوود Beloved
23 Basir باصر Insightful
24 Tariq طارق Morning Star
25 Khalid خالد Eternal
26 Nader نادر Rare
27 Aziz عزیز Dear
28 Mirza میرزا Prince
29 Imran عمران Prosperity
30 Jamil جمیل Beautiful
31 Qasim قاسم Distributor
32 Amin امین Trustworthy
33 Ehsan احسان Benevolence
34 Zia ضیاء Light
35 Riaz ریاض Gardens
36 Shoaib شعیب Prophet’s name
37 Sohrab سهراب Red-breasted bird
38 Ismail اسماعیل Heard by God
39 Hanif حنیف Monotheist
40 Omid امید Hope
41 Usman عثمان Wise
42 Wali ولی Friend
43 Karwan کاروان Caravan
44 Zabihullah ذبیح الله Sacrifice of God
45 Shakir شاکر Grateful
46 Zaki ذکی Pure
47 Shahbaz شاهباز Royal falcon
48 Feroz فیروز Successful
49 Khudadad خداداد Gift of God
50 Atif عاطف Compassionate
51 Qadir قادر Powerful
52 Salahuddin صلاح الدین Righteousness of Religion
53 Wasiq وثیق Trustworthy
54 Shahid شاهید Witness
55 Gulzar گلزار Garden
56 Nasim نسیم Breeze
57 Ilyas الیاس Elijah (Prophet)
58 Anwar انوار Radiant
59 Arman آرمان Wish
60 Bari باری Creator
61 Qais قیس Firm
62 Sadiq صادق Truthful
63 Zulfiqar ذوالفقار Sword of Ali
64 Wahab وهاب Generous
65 Shahzad شاهزاده Prince
66 Gulzar گلزار Flower garden
67 Saeed سعید Happy
68 Musa موسی Moses (Prophet)
69 Habibullah حبیب الله Beloved of God
70 Javed جاوید Eternal
71 Saifullah سیف الله Sword of God
72 Asad اسد Lion
73 Mohsin محسن Benefactor
74 Khurshid خورشید Sun
75 Tahir طاهر Pure
76 Kamran کامران Prosperous
77 Sayed سید Leader
78 Noman نعمان Graceful
79 Tawfiq توفیق Success
80 Esmail اسماعیل Smiling
81 Shams شمس Sun
82 Ehsanullah احسان الله Benevolence of God
83 Yasir یاسر Wealthy
84 Habibullah حبیب الله Beloved of Allah
85 Azim عظیم Great
86 Khalilullah خلیل الله Friend of Allah
87 Maqsood مقصود Desired
88 Suhail سهیل Gentle
89 Sultan سلطان King
90 Iqbal اقبال Prosperity
91 Zaid زید Growth
92 Aarif عارف Knowing
93 Rameen رمین Strong
94 Zafar ظفر Victory
95 Wahidullah واحد الله Unique of Allah
96 Amirullah امیر الله Leader of Allah
97 Naseer نصیر Helper
98 Aryan آریان Noble
99 Atiqullah عتیق الله Ancient of Allah
100 Ziauddin ضیاء الدین Light of Religion
101 Wasif واصف Describer
102 Kareemullah کریم الله Generous of Allah
103 Samir سمیر Entertaining
104 Arsalan ارسلان Lion
105 Qudratullah قدرت الله Power of Allah
106 Yahya یحیی John (Prophet)
107 Azfar اظفر Victorious
108 Hashmatullah حشمت الله Dignity of Allah
109 Qadirullah قادر الله Capable of Allah
110 Qazi قاضی Judge
111 Rayan ریان Gates of Heaven
112 Safiullah صفی الله Pure of Allah
113 Ayub ایوب Job (Prophet)
114 Fayyaz فیاض Generous
115 Noorullah نور الله Light of Allah
116 Shujat شجاعت Bravery
117 Zainullah زین الله Beauty of Allah
118 Imtiaz امتیاز Excellence
119 Arifullah عارف الله Knowing of Allah
120 Shahab شہاب Shooting Star
121 Asghar اصغر Younger
122 Taqwa تقوی Piety
123 Shoaibullah شعیب الله Prophet’s name
124 Saqib ثاقب Shining
125 Hamza حمزہ Lion
126 Fidaullah فداء الله Sacrifice of Allah
127 Yasirullah یاسر الله Wealthy of Allah
128 Hamdullah حمد الله Praise of Allah
129 Qurban قربان Sacrifice
130 Shaker شاکر Thankful
131 Safwan صفوان Pure
132 Murtaza مرتضی Chosen
133 Fahimullah فہیم الله Understanding of Allah
134 Shahidullah شاهید الله Witness of Allah
135 Zameer ضمیر Conscience
136 Saif سیف Sword
137 Niazullah نیاز الله Gift of Allah
138 Wajidullah واجد الله Finder of Allah
139 Gulab گلاب Rose
140 Maqsud مقصود Desired
141 Samad صمد Eternal
142 Wasim وسیم Graceful
143 Saadiq صادق Honest
144 Maaz معاذ Protector
145 Rahmatullah رحمت الله Mercy of Allah
146 Majid ماجد Glorious
147 Tameem تمیم Perfect
148 Yasir یاسر Wealthy
149 Shuja شجاع Brave
150 Qadeer قدیر Powerful
151 Raees رئیس Chief
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Please note that these names are provided with their meanings in English and are not an exhaustive list of Afghan names, but they offer a variety of options to choose from.

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