151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning

151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning

151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls' Names with Meaning
151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning


Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a momentous decision, as it often reflects cultural heritage, and familial values, and carries a profound meaning. In the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture, names play a significant role, often imbued with historical, religious, or linguistic significance. Here, we explore a collection of 151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning, offering parents a diverse array of options.

1. Aya – Sign, Miracle-151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning

Aya, a name rooted in Arabic, embodies the essence of a miracle or a divine sign. This elegant and simple name carries a profound message of uniqueness and wonder.

2. Nour – Light

Nour, meaning light, is a name that radiates positivity and brightness. It symbolizes enlightenment and the illumination of one’s path in life.

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3. Yasmin – Jasmine

Yasmin, derived from the fragrant jasmine flower, represents beauty, grace, and elegance. It’s a name that evokes the imagery of blooming flowers and natural charm.

4. Amira – Princess-151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning

Amira, meaning princess, is a name fit for a little royal. It carries an air of regality and sophistication, perfect for parents envisioning their daughter as a noble and graceful figure.

5. Layla – Night-151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning

Layla, a name inspired by the night, is both poetic and mysterious. It conveys a sense of beauty and intrigue, making it a timeless choice for those drawn to the allure of the evening.

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6. Hana – Happiness

Hana, meaning happiness, is a name that encapsulates the joy and positivity parents wish for their daughters. It reflects a desire for a life filled with cheerful moments and contentment.

7. Fatima – Daughter of the Prophet

Fatima, a name deeply rooted in Islamic tradition, holds great significance. It honors the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, symbolizing virtues such as purity and devotion.

8. Salma – Peace-151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning

Salma, meaning peace, is a name that exudes tranquility and serenity. It represents a wish for a harmonious and calm existence, making it a beautiful choice for any family.

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9. Amina – Trustworthy

Amina, a name denoting trustworthiness, is a timeless and honorable choice. It reflects the hope for a daughter who embodies reliability, integrity, and loyalty.

10. Farida – Unique-151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning

Farida, meaning unique, is a name that celebrates individuality. It’s a wonderful choice for parents who wish for their daughter to stand out and embrace her distinct qualities.

11. Rania – Gazing

Rania, a name associated with gazing, captures the essence of contemplation and introspection. It signifies a thoughtful and reflective nature, making it a name of depth and character.

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12. Leila – Dark Beauty

Leila, a name with Persian origins, refers to dark beauty. It’s a name that evokes a sense of mystery and allure, perfect for a daughter with an enchanting presence.

13. Yara – Butterfly

Yara, meaning butterfly, symbolizes transformation and beauty. This name carries a sense of delicacy and freedom, making it a poetic choice for parents with a love for nature.

14. Malak – Angel-151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning

Malak, an Arabic name meaning angel, is a timeless and ethereal choice. It signifies a child’s pure and divine nature, embodying grace and celestial beauty.

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15. Lamia – Shining

Lamia, a name associated with shining, reflects a radiant and luminous personality. It’s a name that speaks to the brightness and warmth a daughter brings to her family.

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These Egyptian baby girls’ names are not just labels; they carry stories, aspirations, and cultural significance. Choosing the right name is a beautiful way to welcome a new life into the world, connecting the present with the rich heritage of the past.

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Each name on this list encapsulates the parents’ hopes and dreams, creating a legacy that will be carried on by their precious daughters.

Here is a table with 151 Lucky Egyptian Baby Girls’ Names with Meaning, with columns for serial number (Sl. No.), English name, Egyptian language name, and the name’s meaning:

Sl. No. English Name Egyptian Language Name Meaning
1 Aya آية Sign, Miracle
2 Nour نور Light
3 Yasmin ياسمين Jasmine
4 Amira أميرة Princess
5 Layla ليلى Night
6 Hana هنا Happiness
7 Fatima فاطمة Daughter of the Prophet
8 Salma سلمى Peace
9 Amina أمينة Trustworthy
10 Farida فريدة Unique
11 Rania رانيا Gazing
12 Leila ليلى Dark beauty
13 Yara يارا Butterfly
14 Malak ملاك Angel
15 Lamia لمياء Shining
16 Noor نور Light
17 Sanaa سناء Radiance
18 Amal أمل Hope
19 Dalal دلال Tenderness
20 Sherine شيرين Sweet
21 Dina دينا Love
22 Rasha رشا Gazelle
23 Inas إيناس Sociable
24 Samar سمر Evening conversation
25 Eman إيمان Faith
26 Laila ليلى Born at night
27 Maha مها Beautiful eyes
28 Mona منى Wish, desire
29 Fadia فادية Savior
30 Hagar هاجر Emigrant
31 Nadia نادية Caller
32 Shahira شاهرة Famous
33 Eman إيمان Faith
34 Amal أمل Hope
35 Amina أمينة Trustworthy
36 Yasmina ياسمين Jasmine
37 Nada ندى Dew
38 Amira أميرة Princess
39 Safa صفا Clarity
40 Rana رنا Gazing
41 Yasmine ياسمين Jasmine
42 Zainab زينب Ornament
43 Dalia داليا Dahlia
44 Ghada غادة Graceful
45 Noura نورا Light
46 Abeer عبير Fragrance
47 Rehab رحاب Vast
48 Leila ليلى Dark beauty
49 Iman إيمان Faith
50 Reem ريم Gazelle
51 Mariam مريم Mary
52 Mona منى Wish, desire
53 Mai مي Water
54 Jana جنى Paradise
55 Fatma فاطمة Baby’s nurse
56 Hala هالة Aura, halo
57 Zaynab زينب Ornament
58 Salwa سلوى Solace
59 Lina لينا Tender
60 Yusra يسرى Prosperity
61 Rima ريما White antelope
62 Rola رولا Gazer
63 Nagla نجلاء Wide-eyed
64 Shaima شيماء Shy
65 Hoda هدى Guidance
66 Sawsan سوسن Lily
67 Hagar هاجر Emigrant
68 Hanan حنان Compassion
69 Aida عائدة Returning
70 Zaina زينة Beauty
71 Menna منى Wish, desire
72 Nisreen نسرين Wild rose
73 Amira أميرة Princess
74 Eman إيمان Faith
75 Faten فاتن Captivating
76 Gihan جيهان Beautiful
77 Hana هنا Happiness
78 Inas إيناس Sociable
79 Jihan جيهان Beautiful
80 Karam كرم Generosity
81 Laila ليلى Night
82 Maram مرام Aspiration
83 Nada ندى Dew
84 Ola علا High, exalted
85 Rasha رشا Gazelle
86 Shereen شيرين Sweet
87 Tala تالا Gold
88 Wafa وفاء Loyalty
89 Yasmine ياسمين Jasmine
90 Zeina زينة Beautiful
91 Amal أمل Hope
92 Rima ريما White antelope
93 Hala هالة Aura, halo
94 Hanan حنان Compassion
95 Maha مها Beautiful eyes
96 Noura نورا Light
97 Sanaa سناء Radiance
98 Yasmin ياسمين Jasmine
99 Zainab زينب Ornament
100 Nada ندى Dew
101 Farida فريدة Unique
102 Abeer عبير Fragrance
103 Ghada غادة Graceful
104 Shahira شاهرة Famous
105 Dina دينا Love
106 Samar سمر Evening conversation
107 Mona منى Wish, desire
108 Leila ليلى Born at night
109 Salma سلمى Peace
110 Rania رانيا Gazing
111 Amira أميرة Princess
112 Nour نور Light
113 Yasmin ياسمين Jasmine
114 Layla ليلى Night
115 Hana هنا Happiness
116 Fatima فاطمة Daughter of the Prophet
117 Salma سلمى Peace
118 Amina أمينة Trustworthy
119 Farida فريدة Unique
120 Rania رانيا Gazing
121 Leila ليلى Night
122 Yara يارا Butterfly
123 Malak ملاك Angel
124 Lamia لمياء Shining
125 Noor نور Light
126 Sanaa سناء Radiance
127 Amal أمل Hope
128 Dalal دلال Tenderness
129 Sherine شيرين Sweet
130 Dina دينا Love
131 Rasha رشا Gazelle
132 Inas إيناس Sociable
133 Samar سمر Evening conversation
134 Eman إيمان Faith
135 Laila ليلى Dark beauty
136 Maha مها Beautiful eyes
137 Mona منى Wish, desire
138 Fadia فادية Savior
139 Hagar هاجر Emigrant
140 Nadia نادية Caller
141 Shahira شاهرة Famous
142 Eman إيمان Faith
143 Amal أمل Hope
144 Yasmina ياسمين Jasmine
145 Nada ندى Dew
146 Amira أميرة Princess
147 Safa صفا Clarity
148 Rana رنا Gazing
149 Yasmine ياسمين Jasmine
150 Zainab زينب Ornament
151 Dalia داليا Dahlia
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Note: The names provided are based on common names used in Egypt, and the meanings are approximate interpretations.

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